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  XML Next Day Feed

  1. The LME's new XML next day delayed feed allows you to easily integrate LME Data into your website or internal applications. Daily updates giving a comprehensive record of the previous day's trading data.


  1. Frequently Ask Questions: Answers to FAQs on the LMElive website and products.


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  • Select from LMElive JAVA™ application
    (Real-time or delayed LME market data)
    or LMElive anywhere Wireless Service option.


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  • LME Disclaimer document.

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  1. LME Privacy Policy link to www.lme.com/privacypolicy.asp

  LMElive Features

  • LMElive JAVA™ Application, Data Product Introduction
    LMElive anywhere wireless application for handheld devices

  Product Demo

  • LMElive product screens:
    Featuring LMElive Application's market
    data components with LME quotes for Non-Ferrous, Minor Metals, and Steel Billet

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  • Subscription to LMElive services:
    LMElive (JAVA™ application for the desktop via the internet)
    Real-time or delayed LME market data

    LMElive anywhere wireless services for handheld devices:iPhone, Blackberry, and other Smart Phones. Feature: Composite Pages for Non-Ferrous, Minor Metals, and Steel Billet

    Corporate Subscription Plan: Minimum 2 user. Subscribe (per user basis) to all LME products: LMElive (real-time and delayed), LMElive anywhere (wireless service) real-time only.

  LMElive anywhere

  • LMElive anywhere Wireless services Introduction: iPhones, Blackberry, PDA wireless access to LME market data: Price quotes for Non-Ferrous & Minor Metals, and Steel Billet contracts.

  Product Specs

  1. System & Application requirements/compatibility specs.